Between the two biggest cities in Central Vietnam, travelers have so many options on how to get from Danang to Hue. Da Nang to Hue is approximately 95 kilometers and it normally takes about 3-4 hour drive via the Hai Van Tunnel. There are 5 famous options to consider before heading to Hue from Danang.

How to get from Danang to Hue by motorbike
How to get from Danang to Hue by motorbike

First is the most famous and backpacker’s favorite, motorbike rental. Feeling the air on your face as you drive the long winding road to the top of the Hai Van Pass is the most exciting part of it. This is only recommended to light travelers and in good health as it takes at least 5 hour drive from Danang to Hue. If you do not drive motorbike in your home country, better hire someone to drive for you.

How to get from Danang to Hue by open bus
How to get from Danang to Hue by open bus

Due to the danger entails in riding a motorbike, hostels usually recommend open bus for travelers. Open bus is the cheapest way to get from Danang to Hue. The bus leaves at specific time of the day, travelers will have to book ahead of time and be at the pick up point before the bus leaves. Unfortunately, bus operators do not abide the law regarding overloading. It is common then to get on a crowded bus where there are people sitting on the aisles and almost there is no quiet time all throughout the trip. It will take about 4 hour drive but it’s a shame that it will not use the route to the Hai Van pass where the best view is.

How to get from Danang to Hue by Train
How to get from Da Nang to Hue by Train

Bus may be cheap but does not let travelers see the beautiful landscapes on the way, this is why train would be a better option. 3.5 hour of train ride in the from Danang to Hue offers the great view of the beautiful land and seascapes. The only downside of this option is that you cannot ask the operator to stop for you or the windows are not clean for you to great photos. There are some cases of delays as well.

How to get from Danang to Hue by private car
How to get from Da Nang to Hue by private car

Due to the limitations of train, private car service is now booming in Central Vietnam. Danang to Hue private car service offers safety, convenience and quick stop on famous places for free.

During the transport from Danang to Hue, you can ask the driver to stop if you want to take photos, get refreshments or need to use the toilet. You can roll down the window if you want to feel the air as the driver maneuver to the top of Hai Van Pass or ask him to stop for you to have a quick swim in the beautiful Lang Co beach.

If you want discovery Hue city, you should choose service Hue private car rental with driver