Danang is famous for being the most city livable in Viet Nam. The city has a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural scenery. In addition to its cultural and natural attractions, Danang is also a modern city with a vibrant food scene and lively nightlife. Visitors can enjoy delicious Vietnamese cuisine at local restaurants, explore the night markets and bars, and shop for souvenirs and handicrafts. Therefore, Danang attracts a range of travelers yearly. If you don’t know what is the best time to visit Danang, we will provide you with some information to answer that question.

Best time to visit Danang
The beauty of Da Nang in the sunrise

The weather in Danang

The climate of Danang city is located in the tropical monsoon zone with high-temperature, well-balanced and it has 2 distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The average annual temperature of this city is 250C and the highest is June at 29,30C. The moisture is usually high at 83,4% and rainfall is 1.355 mm yearly. With pleasant weather, travelers always feel comfortable when they travel to Danang.

Dry season (January – July)

The dry season in Danang begins from January to July. The temperature of the dry season will change dependent by the months. From January to March, the average temperature will range 180C to 260C. But from April to July, the temperature will significantly increase from 280C to 350C.

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Wet season (August – December)

The wet season in Danang typically starts from August to December. During this time, the city experiences high levels of rainfall and occasional typhoons. The average temperature during the wet season ranges from 22 – 28 0C. In the wet season, someday the temperature can drop to around 18-240C at night.

When is the best time to visit Danang, Viet Nam?

The best time to visit Danang for a festival

Quan The Am Festival

This festival will be held annually at Marble Mountains from the 17th to 19th day of the second lunar month. It is an important traditional festival of Buddhism. The purpose of the festival is to pray for the nation’s peace and everyone’s life will lucky and peaceful.

During the festival, you will see a peace praying ceremony, a masquerade ceremony and many interesting folk games.

Quan The Am festival
A range of people attend Quan The Am Festival

Danang International Fireworks Festival

Danang International Fireworks Festival will take place from 30th April on the bank of Han River. This festival always attracts many tourists domestic and foreign. During this time, you can discover multiple historical attractions in Hue city then you can rent a Hue to Danang by car to attend this event.

When attending this festival, you will observe many magnificent and colorful fireworks performances from various countries in the world such as France, Italy, England, Canada,…

The most important when you attend this festival is consider choosing a good position to view the characteristic fireworks performances.

Best time to visit Danang
DIFF is one of the festivals tourists expected yearly

Boat Racing Festival 

If you travel to Danang in January of the lunar year, you can see the Boat Racing Festival on the Han River. This is an interesting festival organized in the lunar new year of Danang. During this festival, you will see the unique boats and teamwork from attendees.

The best time to visit Danang Beaches

Danang is home to many beautiful beaches such as My Khe Beach, Tien Sa Beach, Non Nuoc Beach,… Especially, this beaches are near the city center so you can easily transfer to them. With blue sea, white sands and beautiful natural landscapes, beaches in Danang are always must-visit destinations for tourists.

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The best time to visit the beaches is from March to September. Because the weather will not rain so it will convenient for you to experience many water sports such as kayaking, reef sighting, swimming,…

My Khe beach in summer
My Khe beach in summer

The month with the best weather in Danang

If you like the dry season with blue skies, the best time for you to visit Danang is from February to May. Because the weather is pleasant and the temperature is not too hot or cold, outdoor activities such as exploring beautiful beaches, mountains, local cuisine,… will be convenient for you.

In addition, you can travel to Danang in the wet season from September to November if you don’t mind the occasional rain. During this period, you can discover Danang with fewer crowds and lower prices.

Best time to visit Danang 3
Da Nang nightscape with glistening light

Tips for travelling in each season

In the dry season

  • Make sure that you apply and reapply sunscreen for your face and body before going to explore Danang.
  • Remember to bring plenty of water because of hot weather will make you to dehydrated.
  • You should bring sunglass and protective clothes.
  • During your journey, you should add some short breaks to rest before heading to the next destinations.

In the wet season

  • Before exploring Danang, you should check the weather forecast
  • Don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.
  • Make sure your dress is warm enough.
  • The essential for this season is a water-proof sneaker.
  • You can hire a Danang car rental with driver for your trip when it rains like cats and dogs.


Danang is a coastal city in central Vietnam and generally has a tropical climate with warm temperatures all year round. The city has a wet season and a dry season. So the best time to visit Danang depends significantly on your preferences and travel plans.

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