There is more in Hoi An than its historical old trading town. The area is blessed with several bodies of water, including white sand beaches. Cua Dai Beach Hoi An is one of the top three beaches. Cua Dai Beach is just about 5 kilometers away from the main attraction, the UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site – Hoi An Ancient Town.

If you want to stay away from the crowd and simply relax under a coconut tree while enjoying your bottle of beer or cocktail then Cua Dai beach is the perfect one for you. There is one beach closer to the Hoi An Old Town and due to accessibility, tourists would rather stay on An Bang beach and do not like to go any farther. This makes Cua Dai beach a better place to unwind.

Cua Dai Beach Hoi An Coconut Trees
Coconut Trees – Cua Dai Beach Hoi An

Due to a number of storms, the beach was severely damaged thus you’ll see most parts of the beach being covered with sandbags. The sandbags were installed by the local community to serve as a wall to protect the beach from any further damage. It is undeniable that the sandbags affected the overall view of the beach but you can still enjoy its fine white sand while you walk around.

If you are not fond of looking at the beach with sandbags on it, the hotels and resorts around the beach that amazingly preserved their beachfront. Pay a little more on your cocktail and get a local Vietnamese snack, you could enjoy the beach view with a glimpse of the Cham Island. 

Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An does not have any water sports or activities, this is plainly for people who just want take a quick swim or chill under the coconut trees. The beach and the water are relatively cleaner than the other beaches Vietnam. The local community is doing their best to keep it clean but tourists help is needed as well to make the beach look better.

Cua Dai Beach Hoi An
Cua Dai Beach Hoi An

You can transfer from Danang airport to Hoi an and ask the driver to drop you off at Cua Dai beach. There are several hotels and resorts around the area. Transport from Danang to Hoi an is also available.

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