Being one of the most visited city in Vietnam, Hoi An has a lot to offer to both local and international travelers. Choosing what to do during a day trip to Hoi An from Danang maybe a little harder if you want to visit everything in one day. So we have prepared you a Hoi An in 1 day itinerary.

Day trip to Hoi An from Danang
Day trip to Hoi An from Danang

The small town of Hoi An was previously known as Faifo has been making name when it comes to trading in most Southeast Asian countries as early as 15th century. Influence of international traders are still evident until today, most of them are already incorporated with the locals’ way of living, cuisine and houses.

Marble Mountain

Day trip to Hoi An from Danang - Marble Mountain
Am Phu Cave

A cluster of five hills that was named and represents 5 five basic elements of life according to Eastern beliefs; water, fire, earth, wood and metal. According to a local folklore, a magical dragon laid egg and left. After a thousand days and nights, the egg finally hatched and a beautiful woman stepped out. The fragments of the shell after sometime became formed into hills and eventually became the mystical Marble Mountains. Due to this legend, many believe that the Marble Mountains is a sacred place. Prompting locals to set up shrines, temples and grottoes in the caves or any place they deemed holy. Making the mountain one of the most sought after pilgrimage destination

Hoi An Old Town

Day trip to Hoi An from Danang - Hoi An Old Town
Hoi An Old Town

The ancient town of Hoi An is a spectacularly well-preserved ancient trading port recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. To preserve the beautiful old town properly, cars are not allowed to enter the premises. Walking around the stunningly vibrant yellow city of Hoi An, transports you to the same daily scenario of earlier centuries were Chinese and Japanese shophouses attracts traders and merchants all over the world to patronize their goods. Vibrant traditional paper lanterns, sweet tasting fruits, silk clothings, carved figurines to name the few items you’ll see around the Hoi An old town. There are also several assembly halls, pagodas and old houses that are worth visiting.

Lantern Making Village

Day trip to Hoi An from Danang - Lantern Making Class Hoi An
Lantern Making Class Hoi An

After having a meal in one food stalls inside the busy Hoi An Market, a great way to relax and learn how to make the iconic Hoi An traditional lantern. Lantern Making is one of the oldest sustainable jobs in this ancient trading port of Hoi An aside from farming and fishing. Sign up for a private traditional lantern making class that will not only bring out your artistic side but also reflects the patience and persistence of a Hoi an local. Most traditional lantern making classes allow students to carefully design and keep the finish product if the student prefers. Visitors may bring back the lantern to their home country.

An Bang Beach

Day trip to Hoi An from Danang - An Bang Beach Hoi An
An Bang Beach

All these activities could be a little too much but a cold drink while watching the sunset by the beach would ease and relax your body and mind before ending the tour. Early seafood dinner will not be a bad idea since An Bang Beach got the best seafood restaurants in Hoi An.

It would be best to get a Danang to Hoi An transport to do this itinerary for convenience and value for money. Visitors who just landed at Danang Airport but want to go directly to Hoi An , they may take transport from Danang Airport to Hoi An as well.

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