Elephant Springs Hue ( Elephant Springs Vietnam ) or locally known as Suối Voi is a hidden paradise in Central Vietnam which is 46 kilometers away from the busy modern city of Danang and 56 kilometers away to the historical Citadel of Nguyen Dynasty – Hue.

Elephant Springs Hue Vietnam: Hidden Paradise

Elephant Springs Hue is a natural spring that consists of a number of natural pools under small waterfalls in the middle of the enormous Bach Ma Mountain. Huge boulders that looks like elephants are everywhere, this is most probably why locals have called the place Elephant Springs. The serene surrounding, the sound of birds chirping and water flowing make the whole place perfect.

Just right next to the natural pools, there are several bamboo huts which you can rent to put your belongings under cover and also to relax and have meals. Note though that using the huts maybe a way of scammers to rip off unknowing tourists. The springs is a public place, so you can simply place your mat in one of the boulders under a tree and relax on your own without paying extra.

Elephant Springs Hue Vietnam: Hidden Paradise - Bamboo Hut
Bamboo Hut

Getting in the Elephant Springs Hue is not difficult as you may think. Yes, you’ll definitely have to go through an off-beaten, rough and dusty road but it is sure worth it. There is no obvious road sign to get there, this what makes it a little challenging for tourists who do not speak Vietnamese and cannot ask people around.

The clear and peaceful water attracts everyone to take a dip. The cool water of the spring is ideal most especially during a hot sunny day. If you are up to an adventure to find this hidden paradise on your own, watch out for the sign to Suối Voi. But if you simply want to relax and do not want  to trouble yourself navigating, simply get a private transfer from Danang to Hue by car and add Elephant Springs Hue on your stops and plunge into its refreshing water. 

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