Hoi An Memories ShowHoi An Impression Theme Park would bring visitors a unique and satisfying experience in this spectacularly well-preserved port town of Hoi An. Visitors can expect a mind-blowing state-of-the-art cultural performance as they journey back in time during the glorious trading days of the Hoi An port. Keep reading this article; VM Car will show you all of the things you can enjoy in this paradise.

I. About Hoi An Memories Show

Be entertained by over 500 professional performers in their colorful and befitting costumes with modern staging techniques, a truly world-class quality outdoor performance.

Hoi An Memories Show by far holds the record of a daily show with the most number of actors or performers. The stage is an enormous 25,000 square meter, the largest visual arts show in Vietnam. With properly planned seating arrangements, expectant can fully immerse themselves in the show that brings back to life the 400-year history of the famous town of Hoi An.

Hoi An Memories showcases the timeless charm of the spectacular Hoi An port town. The acts are divided mainly into five, from the simple and rustic life of the first settlers in the area to the values, culture and traditions we all have come to know and love today.

The Hoi An Memories show is like no other as the stories revolve around one concept only – Hoi An. It is definitely a genuine Hoi An experience that one must try.

General introduction video about Hoi An Memories Show:

II. What is the memory of Hoi An?

What is the memory of Hoi An?

1. Stage 1 – Life

The first act is to showcase the beginning of Hoi An. “Life” tells a story of a simple fisherman and his family more than three centuries ago, where he started to build a rather modest shelter for himself and his family. Witness how the family grew and became a small town before finally becoming Hoi An.

Hoi An Memories Show 2

2. Stage 2 – Wedding

This second scene reenacts the blissful wedding ceremony of Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man, a historical and wonderful union between the royals of Dai Viet (former name of Vietnam) and the Champa Kingdom.

The act would travel viewers back in time with traditional Champa dancers performing in colorful costumes with a realistic backdrop of the Champa temples, towers and halls. Royal weddings always involve an elephant, a majestic creature fitting to be the symbol of Champa culture.

Hoi An Memories Show 3

Hoi An Memories Show 4

3. Stage 3 – Lamps and Sea

This act is one of the most touching performances within the Hoi An Memories Show. It is about a faithful wife who patiently waits for her sailor husband to return, but for the longest, he does not.

The man finally returns and finds his loving wife turned into a stone statue, a very emotional scene that may lead viewers to tears.

Hoi An Memories Show 6

4. Stage 4 – Trading Port

A glimpse of the Hoi An trading port during the 17th century where traders from neighboring Asian countries such as Japan, China, and India, as well as countries from the far west like Netherlands, France, and many more, do business, greet each other and join local festivals.

A sight that makes viewers understand the harmonious relationship between countries and the glorious days of the famous Southeast Asian trading port, Hoi An.

Hoi An Memories Show 7

Hoi An Memories Show 8

5. Stage 5 – Ao Dai

To end the show, experience a glamorous fashion display of traditional Vietnamese clothing called Ao Dai. During the final act, performers will portray how much Hoi An villagers value their culture and traditions while carefully and spectacularly preserving the Hoi An old town.

Hoi An Memories Show 9

The Ao Dai

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III. When And Where Does Hoi An Memory Show Take Place?

When does the Hoi An Memory Show take place?

1. When does the Hoi An Memory Show take place?

Hoi An Memories Show is held every night except Tuesdays. The show usually starts from 8:00 PM until 9:00 PM and takes an hour.

The show may be delayed without prior notice due to bad weather conditions. While Hoi An Impression Theme Park is open from 6:00 PM until 9:15 PM, visitors can roam around the theme park while waiting for the show to start.

2. Where does the Hoi An Memory Show take place?

The Hoi An Memory Show is being performed inside the Hoi An Impression Theme Park at 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Cam Nam, Hoi An, Quang Nam, which is just 1.6 kilometers away from Hoi An Old town.

The theme park is on an artificial Cam Nam Island, which is in the middle of the famous Thu Bon river and can be reached by walking or riding a bicycle.

IV. Entrance Fees and Booking of Hoi An Memories Show 2022

1. Ticket Price

Adults and Children in ECO / HIGH / VIP packages 2022

Children under 1.4 mFreeFreeChildren < 1m: Free
Children from 1m - under 1.4m: pay 50%
Children => 1.4 m100%100%100%

Note: Fees include visiting the Hoi An Impression Theme Park before watching the Hoi An Memories Show

Map of the seating position of tickets:

seater map Hoi An impression theme park

2. Booking Process

Tickets can be booked online with our website to get a discount of 30.000 VND/ticket.


Tickets can also be bought at the ticket booth at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park. Visit website here

V. Cruise on Hoai River Itinerary and Hoi An Memories Show 2022

Hoi An at night is one of the things you must join when you visit this place, the old town will be covered by lanterns when it’s dark, and it is very different if you enjoy this beautiful peace on the boat.

With this package, you will experience a cruise on the Hoai river to watch Moonlight bridge and enjoy Hoi An old town at night. You will have free time to explore Hoi An impression theme park and watch many minishows performed. The local dinner will be arranged for you at the Vietnamese village at this park.

After enjoying your dinner, it’s time to check in for the big show and finish your trip around 21:30; the staff will drop you off at Hoi An wharf.

Let’s see the itinerary of this package:

Cruise on Hoai River Itinerary

Ticket Price for Package Hoi An Memory Show and Cruise

Adults and Children in ECO / HIGH / VIP packages

Children under 1 mFreeFreeFree
Children from 1 m - under 1.4 m50%50%50%
Children => 1.4m100%100%100%


  • Entrance Fee ( 1 Eco class Hoi An Memory show)
  • Boat trip on Hoai river
  • Check-in at Moonlight bridge on the Hoai river
  • Visit Hoi An impression theme park
  • Free 01 dish at Vietnamese Village
  • Drop Flower lights on the river

Note: If you want to upgrade your ticket to high class or VIP class, you need to pay extra:

High class: 150.00 VND/ TICKET

VIP class: 500.000 VND/ TICKET

Booking Process

Tickets can be booked online with our website to get a discount of 30.000 VND/ticket.

VI. Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Hoi An Impression Theme Park is a 10-hectare park built on an artificial island along the Thu Bon River which is close to the famous Hoi An Ancient Town.

The theme park is unique on its own for its focus on showcasing the culture and tradition of Hoi An itself, educating and reminding the visitors the importance of the small town to the trading history in Southeast Asia and even to the world.

The main attraction in Hoi An Impression Theme Park is, of course, the breathtaking performance of the Hoi An Memories Show, but there are also other places worth visiting within the theme park.

The Hoi An Impression Theme Park replicated some of the most fascinating structures and scenes during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The architecture and designs of the theme park are a perfect reflection of Hoi An town people’s dedication to spectacularly preserve their culture, traditions and the Hoi An old town.

Map of Hoi An Impression Theme Park, Art shows and time period. View full size at here

Map Hoi An Impressional Theme park

1. What is inside the Hoi An Impression Theme Park?

1.1. Gateway

One of the awe-inspiring structures at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park is its huge gateway. It is a replica of the Thanh Chiem Palace, a national relic found in Quang Nam Province. Nguyen Hoang, the first of the Nguyen Lords built the Thanh Chiem Palace in 1602.

It was later considered as the second capital of the last majestic Vietnamese dynasty, Nguyen Dynasty. Thanh Chiem Palace welcomed western missionaries as they shared their knowledge with the locals and eventually collaborated with them to formulate the Vietnamese language writing system.

Hoi An impression theme park 12

1.2. Commercial Zone

A replica of how Hoi An ancient town was during the 17th and 18th centuries where neighboring Southeast Asian countries and even western countries like France and the Netherlands did their business in this small trading port town. Local products like silk, carvings and potteries are everywhere and there are also great tasting home grown fruits.

1.3. Vietnamese Restaurant

Dine and be amazed with the impressive bamboo architecture at Hoi An Impression Theme Park. Bamboo is commonly found in the forests of Vietnam, a great material for building houses and other structures. The bamboo Vietnamese restaurant is a true reflection of simplicity is beauty.

1.4. Central Square

The Central Square is practically the commercial area of the theme park. It is somewhat a glimpse of what Hoi An was during the 17th and 18th centuries as the famous trading port in Southeast Asia.

Merchants from all over the world, including France and the Netherlands were doing business in Hoi An back then trading locals like silk, ceramics and tea.

1.5. Vietnamese Pagoda

Vietnam is a religious country in almost every town and city; at least one of the tourist’s attractions is a pagoda, temple or shrine. The theme park has dedicated section for Vietnamese devotee to worship and pray for their gods even during vacation.

1.6. Japanese Village

Since Japan and Vietnam has a strong diplomatic relationship during the 17th and 18th centuries, there were hundreds of Japanese merchants who decided to settle in Hoi An and became part of the community. Japanese Village is one of the replicas on how Japan influenced the architectural designs of some houses and shops in Hoi An.

Hoi An impression theme park 13

1.7. Love Bridge

A common structure found in Japan, China and Korea. This is one of the cultural influences of the Japanese and Chinese merchants in Hoi An. Love Bridge is where lovers pray and ask for blessings from gods for a stronger relationship bond.

1.8. Real performance Area of Hoi An Memory Scene

Hoi An Memories Performance area is over 1 kilometer with 3,300 seating capacity. It requires 500 world-class performers wearing their traditional ao dai costumes on the stage and entertaining the guests with modern staging techniques and excellent-quality performances.

2. Art shows and time period

2.1. The Real World Performance

The largest art show in Vietnam and carefully prepared by Vietnam’s honorable historians, directors, music experts, designers, costume experts and technicians to bring out the best in portraying some important events in history and showcasing the culture and tradition of the beautiful town of Hoi An.Hoi An impression theme park14

2.2. Trai Ho Beating Tiger

The show tells a story about a legendary man who defeated and killed a ferocious tiger during the time when the villagers were still living with wild animals devouring their livestock, including buffalos.

The villagers were then powerless over fast and strong tigers roaming around their area. Trai Ho became Quang Nam’s symbol of strong will in protecting the results of their hard work.

Trai Ho Beating Tiger Showtime: 19h20 – 20h00

2.3. Love Story of the Silkworm Goddess

This is not just another love story of a royal and a commoner in Vietnam; it also entails the history of silk production and how it reached the international market even in the 17th century.

The Crowned Prince Nguyen Phuc Lan fell in love with a commoner who made her living by sericulture and growing mulberries.

Their marriage enabled the wife to influence and encourage the whole community to get into sericulture and start growing more mulberries as well.

When the process and production became fully developed, they decided to bring these quality Vietnamese silk products to the legendary Silk Road.

The Love Story of the Silkworm Goddess Showtime: 17h30 – 18h00

2.4. The Happy Forest

A show that brings you back to the time when people were being entertained in a spacious wine restaurant. Witness some of the best stunts that were done during this era that the previous locals and traders enjoyed.

The Happy Forest Showtime: 17h25 – 18h30

2.5. Wedding Ceremony of Princess Ngoc Hoa

The story depicts the strong diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and Japan. The historical wedding ceremony of Princess Ngoc Hoa and a prestige Japanese merchant. Introducing and popularising each other’s culture in the home country of their spouses.

Wedding Ceremony of Princess Ngoc Hoa Showtime: 20h00 – 20h15

Hoi An impression theme park 15

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