Danang is the most famous modern city in Central Vietnam. It is 96 kilometers away from the Nguyen Dynasty Citadel in Hue. The spectacular landscape and seascape attracts both local and foreign tourists to visit Central Vietnam. There are several ways to go around Central Vietnam and Hue to Danang train is one of them.

Hue to Danang Train: Is it the best choice?
Train Hue to Danang: Is it the best choice?

The railway from Hue train station to Danang train station is about 103 kilometers. The Reunification Express operates within this route and they have 4 trains that departs every day. The trains have different departure schedules daily and take about 2.5 – 3 hours to get from Hue to Danang. You may choose between 4 types of seats; hard seat, soft seat, hard berth and soft berth. You can pick whether to stay in an airconditioned one or not as well.

Hue Railway Station’s Address :  2 Bui Thi Xuan Street , Hue City , Hue Province

Danang Railway Station’s Address : 200 Hai Phong street , Thanh Khe  District , Da Nang City

But before making your way to the train station, hold your horses and consider some of these facts of getting Hue to Danang by train.

You need to book in advance to secure a train ticket. You can book it online but you’ll need to pay with a local Vietnamese bank card, international cards like Visa and Mastercard are not accepted. For this, a lot of travel agencies and hotels make money for booking train ticket for guests as booking with them would incur additional service charge. If you are not willing to pay extra, you can simply go to the train station and book it yourself in advance. Note that during Vietnamese Holidays, you might need to book weeks before your departure.

Train is the second most popular option to travel between locals and foreigners, thus trains are normally crowded. If you are sensitive to noise, this might be a little challenging for you. Everyone is also free to roam around in between train cars, you need to take care good care of your belongings.

The official travel time is about 3 hours between Danang and Hue by train but you do not want to risk it if you are trying to catch a flight. Delays are quite common in the country and they could even take up to 3 hours. Book earlier than scheduled to prevent any inconvenience.

The view in Hai Van Pass is the most spectacular one in Central Vietnam, this is true even when you are in the train. You will have to get you camera ready as soon as you start traversing the Hai Van Pass. Though it might be a little hard to take great photos as there are a lot of electric posts and lines along the railway. This is why many tourists would rather travel from Hue to Danang by car so they could stop at the peak of Hai Van Pass and take better pictures and enjoy the view longer. The panoramic view of Danang City from the peak is indescribable. The peak though is not accessible by train.

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