Train is the most sought after transportation in Southeast Asia, you’ll probably hear from other travelers that you’ve never really seen Asia without getting on a train. This must because of the thrills and breathtaking views most especially when traveling the countryside. The overnight train is the most preferred long distance transportation in Vietnam, followed by sleeper bus and motorbike. Hue to Hoi An train would’ve been amazing but it is such a shame that Hoi An does not train station.

Hue to Hoi an Train - Hoi An Ancient Town
Hue to Hoi an Train – Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An is a historical town that dates back 15th century. It is a exceptionally well-preserved ancient trading port that attracts both local and foreign tourists. Hoi An is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and properly managed to protect the ancient town from external threats including urbanization, thus local government cannot build train rails making the town not accessible by train.

Hue to Hoi an Train - Lang Co Beach
Hue to Hoi an Train – Lang Co Beach

As of today, if you are into taking train rides, you can get a train from Hue to Danang and make your way to Hoi An, either get on a public bus which bus stop is almost a kilometer away from Danang Train Station or you can get on a taxi, just be prudent not to get scammed. The scenic view on the Hai Van Pass is definitely a must-see, you simply need to be ready with your camera since the train won’t stop for you to take best photos.

Due to having a lot of drawbacks of getting on a train from Hue to Hoi An, most travelers would simply get private car transfer from Hue to Hoi An as it is more convenient and allows stops along the way. Hue to Hoi An by car is by far the best option when traveling around Central Vietnam. It includes stops at some major tourist destinations for free like Lap An Lagoon at the foot of the Bach Ma Mountain, white sand Lang Co beach, Hai Van Pass, My Khe Beach and Marble Mountain.

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