Vietnam’s Imperial City of Hue is a not just all about historical sites like the citadel and the royal tombs of it’s last dynasty – Nguyen. Hue has also amazing and fun places to visit for those adrenaline junkies. We have listed several fun things to do in Hue for you to enjoy your days in this laid back city.

Explore an Abandoned Waterpark

Just 9 kilometers away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Nguyen Dynasty Citadel, a water park was built in the middle of the Thuy Tien Lake. The family water park was opened for public last 2004 but closed shortly after for no clear reason. For this alone, it adds mystery to abandoned water park.

Fun things to do in Hue - Abandoned Waterpark
Fun things to do in Hue – Abandoned Waterpark

For years, youngsters love to hangout within the area. For their protection, the government assigned guards as there were crocodiles in the lake. These crocodiles were moved to a different location but it is still best to stay out of the water, better safe than sorry.

The first notable structure you’ll see when you get to the water park is the enormous Dragon Statue. The long water slides have grasses grown on them. The place definitely gives a post-apocalyptic vibe.

Food Tour at Dong Ba Market

Forget your fancy restaurants for now, get out, mingle with the locals and have the best street food you’ll get while in Vietnam’s gastronomical city, Hue. At the busiest market in the city, Dong Ba market surely have it all from basic commodities, souvenirs to best tasting dishes.

Fun things to do in Hue - Dong Ba Market
Fun things to do in Hue – Dong Ba Market

As you walk around the market, you’ll see and experience the hustle and bustle. Locals buying and selling stuff with smile on their faces early in the morning. The smell of freshly picked fruits, flowers and flavorful dishes being cooked. While in the market, you must try Hue’s famous dishes like Bun Bo Hue, Bun Thit Nuong, Com Hen, Banh Beo and Che. Yes, you can get them in restaurants too but if you want the original flavor of these dishes, then you must try them in Dong Ba market.

Bach Ma National Park Trek

Bach Ma National Park is a protected area 49 kilometers away from the Hue city center and acts a physical divider between Vietnam and Laos. The mountain contains diverse flora and fauna, a perfect adventure for nature lovers.

Fun things to do in Hue - Bach Ma National Park Summit
Fun things to do in Hue – Bach Ma National Park Summit

The cool weather made the French fall in love with the mountain a couple of decades ago. Within the Bach Ma National Park, you’ll see number of French villas, resorts and hotels, some are actually still open until today. At the summit, you will get to see one of the panoramic view in Central Vietnam.

The trek is a little hard than the usual. A trail following the river, you’ll  need to hop and climb stones to get to a series of waterfalls. I must say the highlight in this trek is when you get to the top of the 300 meter high Do Quyen Waterfall.

Adventure Games at Alba Hot Spring Resort

A not so common place to visit by foreigners due its distance, but a definitely fun and must try thing to do while in Hue. Alba Hot Spring Resort is 32 kilometers away from the imperial city of Hue.

Fun things to do in Hue - Adventure Games
Fun things to do in Hue – Adventure Games

The resort is known for its natural hot spring services but little travelers know, the area has so much more to offer. Just opened to public last 2014 with the help of experts from Altus, free hanging zip line and high wire are surely fun things to do in Hue. Conquering your fear and finish all the challenges 6 meter above the ground, you’ll definitely love this place.

Hue is accessible by bus, train, car and plane. Hue airport to city by private car is available with VM Car. Add the imperial city of Hue on your list to must visit when in Vietnam and do all these fun things to do in Hue.

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