What to do in hoi an for 3 days? 3 days is not a long time, but enough for you to visit most of the famous places in Hoi an. Just located about 35kms to the south of Da nang city, but Hoi an is totally different from Da nang. While Da nang is very modern with famous bridges, pagodas, and buildings, Hoi an is so ancient and special with Hoi an ancient town and historic sites such as My son holy land,..

What to do in hoi an for 3 days
Hoi an is so beautiful at night

When arrival in Hoi an, a very special place that you cannot miss is Hoi an ancient town ( walking town), which includes Japanese Covered bridge, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Phung Hung house, Ong pagoda,..and many other old houses. Visiting the town, you can also walk through the small alleys to see the life of local people, enjoy special food ( Cơm gà, cao lầu, tofu, Chè đậu đen, ..) and go shopping in some tailor shops to learn how they make your suits very quickly. You can also hire a bicycle and ride around the town. And do not forget to take a boat ride along Hoai river and experience dropping the lights to pray for a good and lucky future.

Besides Hoi an ancient town, Hoi an is a great destination for tourists who like the beaches.  An bang beach, a very famous and nice beach located just some kms from Hoi an center always attracts a lot of tourists coming to relax, swim and enjoy some water activities.

The next day of your 3 days in Hoi an, you can think about My son holy land, which is a historical site located about 40kms from Hoi an ( about 1 hour drive). Its architecture is an evidence of cultural interaction between Champa Kingdom and other South East Asian civilization. Tourists often spend a half day here to learn about this.

what to do in hoi an 3 days
Cam Thanh coconut village

Another interesting place you can try in Hoi an is Cam Thanh coconut village. Here you can experience basket boat ride with some activities such as watching fisherman catching fish, listening to folk songs performed by Hoi an artists. And you can also join a cooking class at a restaurant near there.

If the weather is good, the last day you can think about Cham island tour. This tour will give you a chance to enjoy the speed boat and also snorkeling, but it will not a good choice for those who do not like the speed or easily get seasick. If you are Asian people, Vinpearl land Nam Hoi an, a very new amusement park, will be an interesting place for tourists with children . This big amusement will take you even a whole day to visit.

Another suggestion for tourists who want to visit a farther place than other ones above is Hue city. You can transfer from Hoi an to Hue, visit Hue city and then come back to Hoi an on the same day.

I hope this article will help you make your decision in how many days you want to spend in Hoi an.

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