The Golden Bridge Danang is the newest man-made attraction in Vietnam. This famous Golden Bridge Ba Na hills got featured on several travel magazines including Conde Nast, Reuters and even National Geographic. But is the Golden Bridge really worth visiting? Where is Golden Bridge located? How to get to the Golden Bridge? Read on as this article answers all your questions regarding the Golden Bridge.

Vietnam's Newest Attraction: the Golden Bridge
The Golden Bridge Vietnam

Golden Bridge or locally known as Cau Vang went viral few weeks after its public opening. Both domestic and international tourists swarmed the beautifully designed Golden Bridge Hands. Tourists cannot get enough of this picture-perfect two giants hands holding a golden footbridge in the middle of mountains. Golden Bridge is just one of many attractions within the area.

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So where is Golden Bridge located? Several articles were written but few only discussed the exact location of Golden Bridge Vietnam. Golden Bridge is in Danang, a coastal city in Central Vietnam. Danang is not new to sturdy and unique bridge designs such as  the magnificent Dragon Bridge, the longest cable-stayed Thuan Phuoc Bridge, the beautifully designed sail-shaped Tran Thi Ly bridge and Han River Bridge – the first swing-bridge in Vietnam. But unlike all these famous bridges, the Golden Bridge is not located at Danang City Center. Golden Bridge is in Bana Hills Mountain Resort developed by SunWorld. Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills is the newest addition to Sunworld’s French Themed Resort.

Vietnam's Newest Attraction: the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills
Vietnam’s Newest Attraction: The Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills

Sun World Ba Na Hills Vietnam is in the middle of the Truong Son Mountains, about 43 kilometers away from the Danang city center. To get to the Golden Bridge Bana Hills, visitors need to take the longest non-stop cable car from the foot of the mountain to the top. Golden Bridge price is included in the BaNa Hill Resort Entrance fee of 700.000 VND adults and 500.000 VND for children. The ride on the cable car rewards visitors with a great view of Danang.

The easiest way to get to the Ba Na Hills is by private car. Visitors planning to see Golden Bridge can get a private transfer from Hue to Danang and include Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills Danang on the list of stops. If its a transport from Hoi An to Danang, visitors can ask to go to directly to Ba Na Hills.

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