Hoi An is a beautiful city located in central Vietnam, and features a unique blend of architectural styles, including Japanese, Chinese, and European. Today, Hoi An is a popular tourist destination known for its well-preserved ancient town, stunning beaches and delicious cuisine. Moreover, this destination is a shopping paradise with multiple clothes, pieces of jewelry, silk,… So let us provide you with some information about what to buy in Hoi An.

Hoi An ancient town
The scene is peaceful in Hoi An Ancient Town

What To Buy In Hoi An?

Clothes, jewelry and accessories

Hoi An is known for its tailors and custom-made clothing, which are among the city’s top attractions for tourists. You can have a wide range of garments made to their specifications, including suits, dresses, shirts, trousers, and traditional Vietnamese clothing like Ao Dai.

There are multiple tailors throughout Hoi An, ranging from small, family-run shops to larger, more established businesses. Many of these tailors have extensive catalogs of fabrics and designs to choose from, or you can bring in their own designs or fabric. The tailors will then take measurements and create a custom-fit garment, which can often be ready in just a few days.

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In addition, Hoi An is also famous for its beautiful and magnificent jewelry and accessories, which can be found throughout the city. You can find a wide variety of jewelry and accessories styles, from traditional Vietnamese designs to contemporary pieces at affordable prices.

what to buy in Hoi An
Many types of clothes have displays in store


Hoi An is a great place to shop for shoes as it is known for its skilled cobblers and shoemakers. You can find a wide range of shoes in Hoi An, from custom-made leather shoes to sandals and sneakers.

Many shops in Hoi An will offer high-quality, handmade shoes made to your specifications, including size, color, style, and material.

shoes in hoi an
You can buy handmade shoes in Hoi An market and shops

Hoi An Lanterns – the well-known symbol of Hoi An Ancient Town

When you travel to Hoi An in the evening, you can see all the beautiful lanterns lit up. This is the most magnificent moment of this destination. The lantern offers many types, colors, sizes and materials that you can choose. You can easily buy Hoi An lanterns at the market or shops.

If you travel to Hoi An on the 14th day of the lunar month, you can experience Hoi An Lantern Festival. This is a traditional celebration held each month in Hoi An Ancient Town.

what to buy in Hoi An 2
Lantern is a great gift to buy when you come to Hoi An

Conical hat (Nón Lá) – traditional product of Viet Nam culture

Non la is a traditional Vietnamese hat. If you travel to Viet Nam, you can see this product throughout the country.

However, in Hoi An, non la is still an impressive part of the culture of this destination. When you buy the conical hat in the market or shops, you can learn about little stories of the history of this product.

Conical hat
The beauty of traditional Vietnamese hat

Hoi An silk – A symphony of Colors and Patterns

Silk in Hoi An will be one of the gifts an impressive and special product that you can buy for your relative. The local artists normally use antique wooden looms to process and weave the silk into different products such as quality garments, handicrafts, and tapestries.

Because of the complex process, quality silk will offer a higher price than other products. If you are interested in the silk production process, you can visit Hoi An silk village to experience it.

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Oil and water-color artworks are also great products that are particularly popular with travelers. With many topics, sizes and cheerful colors, it will easily combine with your interior. You can buy artwork in galleries or shops at Hoi An.

what to buy in hoi an 3
Multiple topics and sizes of artwork that you can choose to buy

Bamboo root sculptures – the unique handmade statue in Hoi An

You will be surprised by the special statues made from bamboo roots. The root bamboo is sculpting portraits of Buddhist deities and historical figures such as Luohan, the Dalai Lama, Fu Lu Shou, Guangong and Zhangfei. So if you want to buy something new in Hoi An, the bamboo root sculpture is a good choice for you.

bamboo root sculptures
Many unique face shapes are made from the bamboo roots


Strolling at Hoi An Ancient Town, you will see many souvenir shops. There are so many different types, sizes such as bags, small statues, pottery, hats…

You can buy beautiful souvenirs at affordable prices in the night market. This market is located in heart of Hoi An Ancient Town, so you can easily find and buy souvenirs from here.

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Green bean cake Hoi An – the special cake of local people

Green bean cake is a very special cake in Hoi An, because of its flavor. When you enjoy this cake, you will taste outside the cake is sweet but the inside of cake is salty.

There are multiple traditional green bean cake bakeries in Hoi An, but each bakery has a different character, secret to create a unique taste. It is made primarily from green beans and good for health. The green bean cake will be more delicious if you enjoy it with a cup of tea.

Tips On Shopping In Hoi An

Before shopping, you should read some tips below:

  • You should wear comfortable shoes for shopping in Hoi An
  • Write a list of products you want to buy to ensure that you don’t forget anything or buy over the budget.
  • If you have a local friend, you can go shopping with them. They will help you buy products you love for affordable prices.
  • When you shopping in Hoi An, you should remember that product quality is very important.
  • You should go to different shops in Hoi An to compare the quality and price.
  • If you don’t know what to buy, you can ask for recommendations from local people or driver.
  • You can shopping in Hoi An during the off-peak times such as early in the morning or late at night.
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Hoi An is also famous for its culture and architecture, as well as its jewelry, souvenirs and accessories. Visitors can have a wide range of garments made to their specifications, including suits, dresses, shirts, trousers, and traditional Vietnamese clothing like Ao Dai. There are also a variety of jewelry and accessory options available, including handbags, scarves, hats, shoes, sunglasses, and more. Thanks you for reading the article what to buy in Hoi An.

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