Hoi An is the world renowned ancient trading port town in Central Vietnam. The well-preserved old town of Hoi An is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Knowing the best time to visit Hoi An greatly affects the outcome of your travel. It’s no surprise that Hoi An has been receiving a large number of local and foreign visitors for almost 3 decades. If you want to have great experience, decide properly when to visit Hoi An. Then when is the best time to visit Hoi An Vietnam?

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The weather in Vietnam is a little unique compared most of the other Southeast Asian countries. Apparently, Northern Vietnam has 4 seasons while Central and Southern is tropical, thus Hoi An has only wet and dry seasons. Do not ignore the weather conditions when planning for your trip in Hoi An as your dream vacation will turn into a nightmare.

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February through August is generally dry season while September until January would be the rainy season. Nearly everyone considers February until April to be the best time to visit Hoi An as the temperature is warm and less humid making it comfortable for tourists to walk around the old town, shopping and checking aesthetic architecture of the Chinese and Japanese houses and assembly halls. Note that it could get crowded during these months especially on the weekend.

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If you visit Hoi An around May until August, you’ll get a warm to hot weather. June and July are the summer months, they are specially hot as the temperature could get as high as 38C and feels like 46C. If you decide to go around this time, the yellow old town of Hoi An looks brighter and livelier during the evening. Getting suntanned on An Bang or Cua Dai beach would be perfect as well. Plus sunsets tend to be more picturesque than any other months. Isn’t that the best time to visit Hoi An?

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September until January would generally be raining. Naturally, the old town will be almost empty. If you want to get great images of the Hoi An ancient town with lesser people in it, this is the best time to visit Hoi An for you. All prices will drop during this time except probably December and January as there would be an increase of backpackers in the town. Note though that flooding may happen around October until November due to heavy rain. Fret not if you happen to have booked your ticket already, there are still things to do even with the heavy rain.

Since you know when is the best time to visit Hoi An Vietnam, you can now create your perfect itinerary. You can book your Danang airport to Hoi An transfer in advance. Hoi an to Danang Airport private transfer is also available.

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