How many days in Hoi An ? or How long to spend in Hoi An ? is a question that many tourists often ask when they have a plan to visit this place. Hoi an is an ancient and beautiful city in Vietnam which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. And now it can be considered as one of the most attractive destination in Vietnam.

Many people think that Hoi an is very small, and 1 day to visit the ancient town is fine enough. In fact, Hoi an is a historic town with a lot of things to see. Besides the famous Hoi an ancient town, there are also many other places to see such as My son holy land, Thanh Ha pottery village, Cam Thanh coconut village, An Bang beach, Cham island, Kim Bong village,.. So, do you think that 1 day is too short to stay in Hoi an?

Most of tourists coming to Hoi an often stay about 2 or 3 days.  2 days is suitable if you do not have much time in Vietnam. However, if possible, three days is usually more than enough to see and do everything, including beach time. If you want more time to relax, 1 day more is still good. You can see a suggested plan below as a reference for your trip.

Day 1: Explore Hoi An ancient town

On the first day, after transferring from Da nang airport to Hoi an by car and checking in hotel, let’s join a trip to explore Hoi an ancient town. In Hoi an ancient town, you can walk to visit Japanese Covered Bridge, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Phung hung house, Tan Ky old house, galleries, Hoi An market,.. Do not forget to enjoy local food such as Com Ga, My Quang, Bánh Mì, ..and go shopping as well. This will take a half day. In the evening, you can see the night market, take a boat and drop flowers on Hoai river. Or you can enjoy some cups of beer at a bar or restaurant in Hoi an and look around to see the colorful lanterns sparkling everywhere in Hoi an.

How many days in Hoi an? How long to spend in Hoi An?

Day 2: Explore My Son holy land and other places

You can spend the next day to visit My son holy land and Thanh Ha village. My son is about 35kms from Hoi an, and takes 1 hour to drive. The whole trip to My son will take 4-5 hours. On the way back, you can use boat instead of car to visit Thanh Ha pottery village or Kim Bong carpentry village. In the afternoon, you can relax at the beach. An Bang beach and Cua Dai beach are very famous and nice beaches in Hoi an.

How many days in Hoi an? How long to spend in Hoi An
An Bang beach

Day 3: Other activities

The next day, you can join a cooking class tour at Cam Thanh coconut village, experience basket boat ride, and learn how to cook some local food. Or you can take a bicycle and ride around Hoi an to see Tra que village, Cam Kim Island, see the life of local people, ride the buffalo,… In the evening, you can think about ” Hoi an Memory show” ( also called Kí Ức Hội an in Vietnamese), which starts from 7.30 pm to understand more about how Hoi an was in the past and the process that it develops.

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From Day 4: Relax

On this day, you can relax at your hotel and enjoy all the facilities there. Or you can go to some spa, massage shops, have some time relax at the beach again.

Generally speaking, Each person has their own plan for their trip. However, I hope that this article will help you partly know more about Hoi an and the places to visit in this city to plan your trip better.

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