Than Tai Hot Spring Park is the perfect destination for tourist wh want to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and relax with Japanese Onsen bath. When you come to this place, you can not only soaking in the hot springs, sauna, Japanese Onsen bath but also  admire the breathtaking landscapes. Therefore, this is a must-visit destination for tourists whenever you come to this Da Nang city.

Nui Than Tai hot spring park

Where is Than Tai Hot Spring Park?

Nui Than Tai hot spring park gate

Address: Phu Tuc Village, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.

Than Tai Hot Spring Park is located about 20 km and take about 30 mins from Da Nang city center. The atmosphere in this hot spring park is very fresh and airy, which will make you feel more peaceful and relaxed. With breathtaking natural landscapes and many interesting activities for tourists, this attraction is one of the tourist attractions in Da Nang city.

Best time to visit Than Tai Hot Spring Park

Than Tai Hot Spring Park has a cool and mild climate all year. Therefore, you can travel to this hot spring park at anytime. However, the best time to go to the park is from April to September. The weather in these months will be mild and litte rain so you can fully enjoy your time in this hot spring park. Because this is the best time, it is also the peak season of this hot spring park. Therefore, you can see many domestic and foreign tourists coming to Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park during this time.

Than Tai Hot Spring Park Ticket

Than Tai Hot Spring Park is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m daily. If you have the plan to this hot spring park, you should buy tickets in advance. The information we mention below will be the ticket price of this attraction that you can consider.

Adult: 450.000 VND/ pax
Children from 1m to 1m4: 225,000 VND/pax
Children under 1m: FOC

The ticket will includes:

  • Free plays water games at the water park.
  • Bathing at the natural mineral water bath .
  • Tubing at the lazy river of Long Tien Cave.
  • Free shuttle by electric buggy in the tourist area.
  • Sightseeing and taking photos at attraction of Than Tai Hot Spring Park
  • Free sauna and steam bath

Things to do in Than Tai Hot Spring Park

Discover Than Tai Temple

This temple have Than Tai Statue with a height of 5.2 m and 800 small Than Tai Statues are placed in the 7 hectare. Than Tai Statue is the iconic embodies the peaceful and happy. Therefore, the local people come to this temple to pray the lucky and good fortune for themself and their family. When you come to this temple, you can not only admire the peaceful atmosphere but also the breathtaking natural landscapes surrounding.

Water Park

A huge wave pool on the mountainside with the area of up to 1532m2 in Than Tai Hot Spring Park that will battered the hot of the summer. Additionally, you can not only enjoy the cool water of this pool but also the admire the beautiful  landscapes of coconut forest from here. Additionally, there will have many games for you to play, you can enjoy these game with your friend. After soaking in the cool water, you can head to the Onsen Tower to experience this unique bathing style. That so amazing, right?

Than Tai hot spring water park

Soak in Jacuzzi Pool

Jacuzzi Pool is one of the unique places at this attraction. This  pool is located right in the swimming pool area and children’s play area. From this pool, you can see the stream-side path and the natural scenery. A long soak in this pool and admire the natural beauty will be the interesting experience for you. Therefore, when you come to Than Tai Hot Spring Water, don’t forget to come and soaking in  this pool.

Dragon Acupuncture Lake

This lake is surrounded by natural stones and beautiful landscapes. When you come to this lake, you can see a monolith right in the middle of the lake. This is also the acupuncture of dragon – where water is revealed. You can see smoke showing that the water is from a natural groundwater from here. Soaking in this lake will make you feel relax and comfortable.

Dragon Acupuncture Lake

Onsen Tower

Onsen is the famous bath type in Japan. Soaking in an onsen is a rejuvenating experience, good for health and skin. Moreover, Soaking Onsen will make you feel both appetite and thirst. So, you can enjoy eggs boiled directly in the mineral-rich waters and cool water during soaking. Adcording Japanese people, when you eat eggs during soaking onsen it that consuming a eggs can even extend your lifespan by up to three years. So, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy Onsen bath in Than Tai Hot Spring Park now!

Onsen Tower at Than Tai Hot Spring park

Mud Bathing Area

Mud offers a plethora of benefits for both skin and body. This treatments aid in detoxification, promote blood circulation, and effectively purify the skin while banishing blackheads. Moreover, mud boasts anti-aging properties, along with various additional advantages for you to experience. This unique bath attract many people both foreigner and dometic tourists come and experience.

Mud Bathing Area

Jura Park

Dinosaur Park is a new attraction in Than Tai Hot Spring Park. This attraction have giant dinosaurs over 30m tall, moving like real animals, more than 60 species and 100 ancient dinosaur models will bring tourists the most realistic emotions about dinosaur that have been extinct for millions year in history. When you come to this attraction, Dinosaur Park is always the must-visit place for you to learn more about the dinosaurs.

Jura park at Than Tai hot spring park

Longevity egg

Truong Tho eggs are naturally raised chicken eggs in Phu Tuc village. These eggs will specially selected and preserved to ensure excellent quality before being boiled with Huyet Long Lake mineral water. This is must try experience when ever you come to Than Tai Hot Spring Park.

Long Tien Cave

Long Tien Cave is uniquely designed with the image of a three-headed dragon and an elegant fairy placed right in the center. The architecture of this cave from the famous legend “Con Rong Chau Tien”  which explains the origins of Vietnamese descendants. So, the artists of Than Tai Mountain created the image of a three-headed dragon spraying water into the Lazy River and a fairy reaching out to welcome her child in the egg. Therefore, whenever you come to this attraction don’t forget to discover the beauty of Long Tien Cave and learn more about this legend.

Long Tien Cave

How to get to Than Tai Hot Spring Park

This famous hot spring park is located about about 20 km and take about 30 mins from Da Nang city center . If you want a relaxing and comfortable trip, Da Nang to Than Tai Hot Spring Park by car will always be the best choice for you. A friendly driver will pick you up and take you to your hotel in Da Nang city center. With this option, you just need to relax on car and discover the Than Tai Hot Spring Park when we arrive at this attraction.

Private car to Than Tai hot spring park

However, motorbike will be the best choice for you on a flexible trip to this hot spring park. You can rental a motorbike with price ranges from 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day (4 – 6 USD). This option is also suitable for your budget trip in Da Nang city. You can go and stop at any attractions along the way to there. However, don’t forget to check your motorbike before renting from the motorbike rental.


Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park will be the must-visit attraction for you to go when you come to Da Nang. From Onsen Town, Long Tien Cave, Mud Bathing Area, Dragon Acupuncture Lake,… this place will have many things for you to discover. Therefore, let come and enjoy your time in this famous attraction now!

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