Hue was the ancient capital of Vietnam in many centuries ago. Therefore, this city has many historical and traditional attractions for tourists to discover.  Moreover, this city will have a vibrant atmosphere coming to life when the dark comes down. Let’s discover what to do in Hue at night with us. With this article, we hope will make your trip to Hue more memorable and interesting.

What to do in Hue at night
The gorgeous landscape of Hue from the top view

Watch Sunset In Front Of The Citadel

You can start your evening with breathtaking views by watching the sunset in front of the Hue Imperial City. This historic site offers a beautiful view as the sun sets below the horizon. During this time, the sunshine will glow to cover this historical attraction. This gorgeous moments in the Citadel will not disappoint you. You need to hurry up so as not to miss this moment. If you arrive by plane, Hue airport to city center will be the best choice for you. With this, allow you to begin your nightlife adventure as soon as you arrive.

the Imperial City of Hue
The fantastic sunset in the Imperial City of Hue

Eat Dinner At The Dong Ba Market

Indulge in Hue’s culinary delights by heading to the Dong Ba Market for dinner. This vibrant market has many stalls with many kinds of food in the evening. You can find many kinds of featured foods such as Banh Khoai, Bun Bo Hue, Nem Lui,…at affordable prices. When you enjoy delicious foods, you can also observe the buying and selling activities of local people in this market.

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain eat dinner at Dong Ba Market
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Get On A Dragon Boat And Listen To Hue Folk Songs

Experience the enchanting charm of Hue by taking a leisurely cruise along the Perfume River on a traditional dragon boat. As you glide through the calm waters, immerse yourself in the melodious sounds of Hue folk songs performed live on board. When the dragon boat floating on Huong River, you can admire many gorgeous scenery of Hue in the evening.

hue nightlife
The beauty of the Dragon Boat

Watch The Colorful Truong Tien Bridge While Drinking Coffee

The next experience you should try when you come to Hue is a stroll at Truong Tien Bridge. This historical bridge is an emblem of this beautiful city. This bridge will light up with many colors in the evening. It will make you feel like a kaleidoscope of colors in the center of Huong River. Enhance the experience by sipping a cup of Vietnamese coffee from one of the nearby cafés while appreciating the architectural beauty of the bridge.

what to do in hue at night 2
The emblem of Hue – Truong Tien Bridge

Walk In The Hue Night Market

The interesting you should experience when you come to Hue is exploring the vibrant night market. These night markets will have many local stalls with many kinds of handicrafts, clothing and souvenirs at affordable prices. When you arrive at these markets, you can take a slow stroll through the bustling stalls and enjoy this vibrant ambiance. Remember don’t forget to discover and buy some unique souvenirs to bring back home for your family or friends. In the night market, you can also taste many kinds of street food. So, come and experience the night market in Hue now!

hue night market

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Get A Beer In The Walking Street

Unwind and soak up the lively atmosphere of Hue’s walking street. The walking street is popular attraction and is situated in the heart of the city center. Enjoy a refreshing beer at one of the trendy bars or sidewalk cafes, while immersing yourself in the vibrant energy of the Hue nightlife. Join the locals and fellow travelers in the lively street, where music fills the air and laughter is abundant.

Drink bear at DMZ Bar
Drink bear at DMZ Bar

If you plan to come to Hue, you should consider the weather and the festive events in this city. The month from March to August will be the best time for you to visit this beautiful city. The weather in these months will be mild and cool. Sometimes, it will be pouring in the afternoon but it is not too long. So, you don’t have to mind about this problem. With reasonable temperatures, this will be the best time for tourists at outdoor activities.

Hue’s nightlife will have many interesting things for tourists to experience. You can admire the sunset moment, visit the night market or taste many local foods in Hue at night. There are have many things to make your evenings in Hue truly memorable.Let’s plan your trip and learn more about what to do in Hue at night before coming to this city. With the find out carefully, you can make your trip more interesting and exciting.

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