Hoi an in generally and Hoi an ancient town in particular is a well-known tourist destination for not only domestic but also tourists from on over the world. Besides being famous for old town, delicious dishes and good tailors, Hoi an is also considered as a heaven of lantern with many kinds, shapes and sizes of colorful lanterns. Hoi an has become the most popular destination in Vietnam for travelers to see the lantern, learn to make the lantern by themselves, and especially to enjoy the Hoi an lantern festival.

Hoi an Lantern Festival – Many kinds of Lanterns in Hoi an

Traditionally, The Hoi An Lantern Festival is held monthly, on the 14th day of the lunar calendar to celebrate the full moon.  The full moon is as a time to meditate, observe rituals, reflect on life and honor deceased relatives and ancestors.

Below are Hoi An Lantern Festival dates for the next two years ( in Solar Calendar)

In 2018  : July 26th, August 24th, September 23rd, October 22nd, November 21st and December 20th

In 2019 :  January 19th, February 18th, March 20th, April 18th, May 18th, June 16th, July 16th, August 14th, September 12th, October 10th, November 10th and December 9th

The full moon lantern festival Hoi An

Full moon lantern festival Hoi an often starts at dusk and finishes between 9pm and 10pm. It is in the area between the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Cau An Hoi Bridge, which connects Hoi An with An Hoi, and spills onto the surrounding street and river banks. At 8pm, all the houses in the area will turn off their electricity, and just allow soft lights from silk lanterns to illuminate the houses and streets instead. The colorful lights from the lanterns make the town become very magical and sparkling.

One of the activities in this festival is releasing lantern on the river. Even though it has some affects on the environment, this is said to bring good fortune and love. Locals and tourists also release lantern to hope for happiness and health. Besides this, there are also other activities such as Bai Choi, Boat ride, ..

Releasing lantern on the river in Lantern Festival

Nowadays, lanterns become very popular. They are lit every night and everywhere in Hoi an. Therefore, even you can’t be in Hoi an on the full moon dates above, you can still feel a part of it every night.

To visit Hoi an and see this festival, you can take a car from Da nang airport to Hoi an. If you are in Hue and want to go to Hoi an, you can also book a private car from Hue to Hoi an. Do not miss this beautiful town and do not forget to check the full moon day to see the lantern festival. We believe that it will be a very memorable experience for your holiday in Vietnam.