An Bang Cemetery is something that holds a special place when mentioned as a unique place in Hue. This place is known as the “City of Ghosts”, this cemetery has a fascinating history and a unique beauty that draws visitors from all over the world. In this article, we will take you on a journey through An Bang Cemetery, exploring its location, the reasons behind its nickname visiting information, the remarkable stories behind its tombs and how to get there.

An Bang Cemetery Hue

Where Is An Bang Cemetery Hue?

Location: An Bang Village, Vinh An, Phu Vang, Thua Thien Hue Province.

The local people gave a name for this cemetery “City of Ghost”. An Bang Cemetery is a captivating and unique destination situated in Hue. This cemetery is located approximately 35 kilometers to the east of Hue’s city center. Along the way go to this cemetery, you can also admire many natural landscapes of Hue city. You can see the green rice field, the traditional house,… of this city. It will make you feel more peaceful and relaxed along the way to this cemetery.


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Why Is An Bang Cemetery Hue Called The City Of Ghosts In Vietnam?

The interesting nickname “City of Ghosts” bestowed upon An Bang Cemetery stems from its enigmatic and unconventional appearance. Unlike traditional cemeteries that feature somber and unadorned tombstones, An Bang Cemetery has an array of vibrant and intricate architectural tombs that resemble miniature houses. It is this striking departure from the norm that has earned it its ghostly moniker. Nowadays, An Bang Cemetery has approximately 10,000 tombs. Each tomb’s average expenditure is from 800 million VND to 2 billion VND. This cemetery even had a tomb of 4 billion VND. The mausoleums in the cemetery come in all sizes and styles, with areas ranging from 40 – 400 square meters. Therefore, when you arrive at this cemetery, you will surprised by the magnificent and unique architecture of many tombs here.

City of ghosts

Furthermore, you can see the traditions and beliefs of local people from this cemetery. The overall mausoleum area here is unique in architecture, with all styles of Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, Europe… All of that reasons are attracts many visitor come and admire the unique architecture of this cemetery.

architecture tombs in Anh Bang Cemetery
The magnificent architecture of tombs in An Bang Cemetery

Opening Hours, Entrance Fees And The Best Time To Visit

The cemetery is open to the public from the break of dawn to the moment the sun sets below the horizon. So, visitors can visit this place whenever they want. You can visit this cemetery in the morning or afternoon when the weather mild. Furthermore, An Bang Cemetery is that there’s no official entrance fee. Therefore, you can feel free to come and admire the unique architecture of tombs in this place.

An Bang cemetery opening hour

When planning your visit, consider the best time to fully appreciate the beauty and tranquility of An Bang Cemetery. The early morning and late afternoon are ideal times to explore. During these hours, the soft, golden sunlight bathes the tombstones, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere. The peaceful ambiance of the cemetery during these hours allows visitors to connect with the history and spirituality that envelop this unique place. Moreover, if you want to come to Hoi An after visiting this cemetery, you can take Hue to Hoi An by car. This option will offer you a comfortable and relaxed journey at a reasonable price.

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What Makes An Bang Cemetery In Hue Special?

The story of the past of An Bang Cemetery

An Bang Cemetery comes from its magnificent tombs and rich history. According to the local people in An Bang Village,  this village was originally a poor fishing village in Vinh An commune. This village has a total of 44 lineages with over 500 years of history. The family members who live in Western countries or in the USA who have been sending money to their families. Then, the money is used to build graves. Honoring ancestors is an important part of the spiritual life of Vietnamese and Hue people. That is why building impressive tombs for deceased relatives is not something weird.

The race to build a strange tomb

An Bang Cemetery is not only just a final resting place but also it’s a testament to the creativity and artistry of the local people. Families in this region compete to build the most extraordinary and distinctive tombs. This resulted in a collection of unique tomb structures that rival any cemetery in the world.

an bang cemetery hue

The designs of these tombs vary widely, reflecting the individuality of each family and their devotion to honoring their ancestors. Some tombs are adorned with intricate carvings, while others feature brightly painted motifs. The unconventional and striking architecture of the tombs adds a layer of visual intrigue to An Bang Cemetery. All of that makes it a destination where art and tradition harmoniously blend of the local people of An Bang Village. So, you will surprised about the magnificent and unique architecture of this special cemetery.

The most lavish tombs in Vietnam

Among the features that set An Bang Cemetery apart are the lavish and ornate tomb structures that grace its grounds. These tombs are unparalleled in Vietnam and stand as a testament to the deep respect and love that the Vietnamese people hold for their departed loved ones. Visitors to An Bang Cemetery are often astonished by the grandeur of these tombs. Many tombs have high building costs reach to billions so the architecture of these tombs was magnificent and unique architecture. All of these tombs have elaborate designs, intricate details, and vibrant colors that characterize these structures. The commitment to creating stunning and unique tomb designs reflects a deep spiritual and cultural connection to the deceased. It’s a poignant expression of love and remembrance, turning An Bang Cemetery into a living testament of Hue and Vietnamese culture.

big tombs

By exploring the intriguing stories behind the past, the competition to build unconventional tombs and the extraordinary tomb designs, visitors gain a deeper appreciation for what makes An Bang Cemetery so special. It’s not only merely a cemetery but also it’s a living canvas of art, tradition and history that invites all to experience its unique charm and beauty of Hue.

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How To Get To An Bang Cemetery?

There will be many options for vehicles to reach to An Bang Cemetery. But the 4 option we mentioned below is the best idea vehicle for you to choose from.

Private Car: If you want a convenient and comfortable route, a private car is the best idea for you. You can take a private car to come to this cemetery at a reasonable price. Moreover, if you want to Da Nang when you finish visiting this cemetery, you can take Hue to Da Nang by car. With an English-speaking driver and many attractions sush as Lap An Lagoon, Lang Co Beach and Hai Van Pass, you trip to Da Nang will be interesting.

Jeep: One of the most enjoyable ways to reach this unique cemetery is to rent a Jeep car. With a Jeep, you will have an interesting journey to come to this place. You can enjoy the natural landscapes along the way to An Bang Cemetery. Moreover, the wind and fresh air in the countryside of An Bang Village will be a plus point when you rent this vehicle. Furthermore, you may be interested in Hue to Hoi An by Jeep service.

Travelling by Jeep car

Motorbike: If you seeking a faster mode of transportation, you can rent a motorbike for your journey. There will be many establishments renting motorbikes for you to rent at an affordable price. Remember you should have the necessary driving license and adhere to traffic regulations in Vietnam. If you choose to rent a motorbike or drive yourself. Make sure that you have a map, GPS or a detailed set of directions, as the roads in the area may not be well-marked.

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An Bang Cemetery in Hue is a place of immense cultural significance, historical intrigue, and unique beauty for the local people of An Bang Village. It stands as a testament to the creativity and devotion of the Vietnamese people in honoring their departed loved ones. The nickname “City of Ghosts” is also unique about this place. With magnificent architecture and traditions, this cemetery is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to try something special in Hue city. So, let’s come and discover this unique cemetery right now!

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