Hue is the former imperial capital of Vietnam many centuries ago. This city is always famous because of its historical attractions and natural landscapes. One of the must-visit places is Tam Giang Lagoon. This wonderful lagoon offers a blend of culture and natural beauty in Hue. In this article, we will introduce you to the history, location, the best time to visit and the interesting activities you can do in this lagoon.

Tam Giang Lagoon Hue

Location & History Of Tam Giang Lagoon Hue

This lagoon location is approximately 30 km from Hue city center. Tam Giang Lagoon has approximately 52,000 hectares. This lagoon is also known as the largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia. Tam Giang Hue Lagoon stretches across 4 districts: Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra and Phu Vang of Thua Thien Hue province. Because of the abundance of ecosystems and beautiful scenery, this lagoon always attracts many kinds of tourists to come and explore yearly.

Highlights Of Tam Giang Lagoon Hue

Natural Landscapes: When you come to Tam Giang Lagoon, you will be surprised by the wonderful natural scenery in this place. You can take a boat trip to admire the wonderful natural landscapes and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, it’s a paradise for nature lovers, photographers or anyone who wants to seek wonderful scenery.

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Sunset and Sunrise Moments: If you are a sunrise or sunset lover, this lagoon can be the best place for you to admire these moments. When the sun rises, the sky in this time will be a blend of orange and pink colors. It makes this moment become magical and special. The sunset in the lagoon is also a gorgeous moment for you to observe.

sunset at Tam Giang lagoon
The magnificent beauty of the sunset

Cultural Experiences: When you come to this lagoon, you can also observe the daily activities of local people. Moreover, you can also learn about their fishing methods and even try your hand at casting a net in this lagoon. When you experience the activities of local people, you can learn more about their lives and traditions.

local people casting
Local people casting a net in the lagoon

Floating Market: If you want to experience the daily activities of local people, you can visit the floating market at Tam Giang Lagoon. In this market, you can not only taste many kinds of local food but also the traditions and daily life of local people in this lagoon. Observing the sell and buy activities of local people will be an interesting thing in your trip.

Ru Cha Mangrove Forest: The Ru Cha Mangrove Forest is an ecological wonderland within Tam Giang Lagoon. This forest is a famous place for local people because of the breathtaking landscapes and an abundance of species. You can take a stroll and take some perfect pictures in this forest. Trust me, you will immerse yourself in natural landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere here.

Ru Cha

Best Time To Visit Tam Giang Lagoon

The best time for you to explore this breathtaking lagoon is from May to October. These months are the high season for travelers visiting this beautiful lagoon. The weather in these months is generally mild with warm temperatures and fresh wind. So, you can feel the freedom to come and explore this lagoon during these months.

best time to visti Tam Giang lagoon

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What To Do In Tam Giang Lagoon

When you visit Tam Giang Lagoon, you will have many kinds of activities for you to experience. All of the activities we mentioned below are the most interesting activities you can experience in this lagoon.

Admire Sunset and Sunrise Moments

The lagoon is the best place for you to view sunrise and sunset moments. During this time, the blend of color in the sky will make the perfect moment in this lagoon. If you are an early bird, you can watch the sunrise at Tam Giang Lagoon. The mornings are quiet and the beautiful sunrise moment will make you fall in love at first sight. Moreover, the sunset in this lagoon is also gorgeous scenery for tourists to admire. That moment will make your trip more interesting.

Sunset at Tam Giang Lagoon

Explore a Floating Market

When you come to Tam Giang Lagoon, you can experience the floating market. This market is not only a traditional market but also a cultural place in this lagoon. You can interact with local people and learn more about their daily routines. Moreover, you can buy a lot of fresh seafood and local food at affordable prices in this market. So, this floating market is the best place for you to experience and interact with local people in this lagoon.

Rowed SUP

Rowed SUP is also one of the exciting ways for you to explore the natural beauty of this lagoon. With a SUP, you will have an exciting way to observe the breathtaking landscapes at your own pace. You can float the SUP along the water and admire the peaceful landscapes of this lagoon. Immerse yourself into the natural beauty and fresh air in this lagoon will make you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Rowed SUP

Taste Local Foods

Tam Giang Lagoon also has delectable foods at reasonable prices. Local seafood is the plus point in this wonderful lagoon. Furthermore, when you come to this lagoon, you should taste Banh Xeo Ca Kinh. Many stalls along the lagoon offer a variety of local and seafood dishes. So, you can easily find and taste many kinds of foods here.

Banh Xeo Ca Kinh
Banh Xeo Ca Kinh is the famous dish in this lagoon

Recommended for you:

  • Tam Giang Hoi Quan Restaurant
    Address: Quang Loi, Quang Dien, Hue
    Hotline: +84 905 484 474
  • Con Toc Restaurant
    Address: Tam Giang Lagoon, Quang Loi, Quang Dien, Hue
    Hotline: +84 834 102 005
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Check-in at Ru Cha Mangrove Forest

Ru Cha Mangrove Forest is a wonderful forest within Tam Giang Lagoon. This ecological forest is a wonderful place for nature lovers. You can stroll along and observe the breathtaking landscapes in this forest. Remember that don’t forget to take some wonderful pictures in this forest to update your social media.

How To Get To Tam Giang Lagoon

The vehicle to get to this lagoon will depend on your plan, budget and your time in Vietnam. Many options we mentioned below will be the best options for you to reference:

Traveling by Bike, Motorbike, or Private Car

Private Car: If you want convenience and comfort route, you can choose to rent a private car. With this option, you can relax and enjoy the natural landscapes along the way to this lagoon. Additionally, if you want to stop at any attractions, you can inform our driver for a little fee.

You can contact VM Car at hotline +84 905 55 77 68 for more details

Motorbike: Do you want to have an exciting experience? Let’s rent one motorbike immediately. You can admire the breathtaking scenery and have the freedom to explore the attractions on your motorbike. There are numerous rental shops available in Hue City, so you can easily rent one motorbike for your trip. However, remember you should have the necessary driving license and adhere to traffic regulations in Vietnam.

Recommended for you:

  • Đồng Xanh Motorbikes Rental
    Address: 201 Tran Phu, Phuc Vinh, Hue
    Hotline: +84 338 023 344
  • Hue Motorbikes Rental
    Address: 29C Chu Van An, Phu Hoi, Hue
    Hotline: +84 935 373 735
  • Hanh Thao Motorbikes Rental
    Address: 103 Nhat Le Street, Thuan Thanh, Hue
    Hotline:  +84 985 005 113

Bike: For the eco-conscious and fitness enthusiasts, cycling to this lagoon is a rewarding option. You can enjoy the fresh air and the countryside landscapes along the way to Tam Giang Lagoon with a bicycle. Additionally, you can save money and provide health benefits when you ride by bicycle to this lagoon. But keep in mind that this is a long distance to come to this lagoon from Hue City, so ensure you have the heath for this trip.

Recommended for you:

  • Hue Smile Travel
    Address: 1/6 Tran Quang Khai Street, Hue
    Hotline: +84 935 484 415
  • K’Store Anh Khoa
    Address: 08 Nguyen Hue Street, Hue
    Hotline: +84 702 750 075
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Join a Tour

If you want to have a perfect trip in this lagoon, you can consider joining a tour. With a tour, you can fully immerse yourself to explore the lagoon without the worry about transport, tour guide… Travel Agent will set up everything for you to make sure that your trip is the most wonderful. Moreover, the knowledge tour guide will help you learn more about the history and interesting things in this lagoon that you can not find at any social media.

Private tours are recommended for you:


Sunset Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon is a must-visit attraction for you when you come to Hue City. This lagoon will offer many interesting things for you to experience such as admiring sunset and sunrise moments, delectable local food or the floating market… With all the information above, we hope you can immerse yourself in this wonderful lagoon of Hue.

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